Welcome to my garden! Gardening with chickens. : GardeningWithChickens

Welcome to my garden! Gardening with chickens.

by Greg Wieland on 07/14/18

This site is devoted to gardening, specifically gardening in a small city plot with chickens. My gardening goal is to create a space that is attractive to guests, neighbors, and wildlife and that is also a personal refuge. Adding chickens to the mix creates both challenges and rewards. Please enjoy and add to discussions.

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1. Greg Wieland said on 7/15/18 - 10:08AM
Just to get the ball rolling... I live in St. Louis and have had chickens in my back yard for many years. I also have botanical/horiculture experience. I've learned which plants chickens leave alone (forget having hostas), how to plant (crowded), when to keep them in their coop (a few weeks in spring when perennials are emerging) and how to let them out into the yard to minimize damage (feed 'em greens beforehand). Of course, I'm still learning.

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