2018 – present. Retired.

1999 – 2018. Teacher, Webster Groves High School, St. Louis, Missouri. Taught biology, chemistry, environmental science, botany, and animal behavior. Coordinated independent research and science fair activities. Sponsored the environmental club, the animal club, and the urban agriculture club.

1998 – 1999. Teacher, Klein Oak High School, Klein, Texas. Taught high school chemistry including classroom and laboratory investigations. Named Teacher of the Month.

1993-1998. Botanist, Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, Houston, Texas. Developed seed storage facilities and viability and germination test protocols. Created plant records, labeling, and herbarium management guidelines. Designed database application and oversaw the collection and entering of 25,000 records. Initiated "Inventory Day" concept to promote staff and volunteer responsibility for keeping records current. Successfully wrote grant applications. Worked with federal and state agencies, land owners and managers, researchers, and others on cooperative conservation projects including a reintroduction experiment of the endangered Texas trailing phlox into a protected historic site. Established, interpreted and maintained Endangered Species Garden, one of the country's first educational displays of rare and endangered native plants. Field work involved collecting endangered plant material and monitoring projects. Curated living plant, herbarium, and slide collections. Supervised interns and volunteers. Taught botany courses at the Gardens and for county agricultural extension services. Designed hands-on botanical tour for college biology classes. 

1993. Senior Herbarium Assistant, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri. Assisted taxonomists with the Garden's 5 million specimen herbarium and with their research. Documented floral characteristics and locality information for several groups of plants. 

1991-1993. National Collection Coordinator, Center for Plant Conservation, St. Louis, Missouri. Represented the Center and gave presentations at regional and national meetings and at garden visits. Wrote published guidelines for long-term storage of seeds. Coordinated and evaluated the conservation efforts of twenty-five botanical gardens across the country, tracking genetic representation of their collections of rare and endangered plants. Managed databases. Organized national meetings of garden representatives and the Center's Science Advisory Council as well as workshops on seed storage and a symposium on rare plant reintroductions. Drafted guidelines for managing the conservation collections and criteria for garden inclusion in the network, and totally revamped reporting forms and procedures and paper records storage arrangements. 

1988-1991. Plant Recorder, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri. Maintained computer records on the living collection, tagged and labeled plants, wrote interpretation and performed field collections. On committees that developed accession criteria and volunteer handbook. Assisted taxonomist, with whom I wrote widely consulted labeling guidelines. Taught high school class units on endangered species.

1985-1988. Technician, K&S PhotoGraphics, St. Louis, Missouri. Operated several professional cameras and enlargers, and photocomposed. Developed formula for calculating exposures at different enlargements, reducing need to test.

1983-1985. Chemist, H.L.Yoh Company contracted to Monsanto Company, St. Louis, Missouri. Interpreted researchers' notes and worked with scientists and attorneys to design tests for patent related litigation. Organized a historical summary of the collection of millions of "discovery" documents and developed profiles of potential witnesses among the researchers. Performed literature searches. 

1980-1983. Technician. Institute of Arctic Biology, Fairbanks, Alaska. Maintained snowshoe hare colony and willow garden and performed research concerning plant/herbivore relationships. Involved in all aspects of research from experimental design and data gathering to programming computer for statistical analysis. Field work involved monitoring herbivore impact on plant communities, vegetation analysis, and collecting material for feeding experiments. Also designed and performed a two year independent project documenting seasonal changes in plant palatability and related this to plant developmental stage.

1982.Technician. Institute of Marine Science, Fairbanks, Alaska. Assisted researchers on research vessel in Bering Sea.


2013 MEd. Maryville University, St. Louis, MO.

1997-98. Region IV Education Service Center and University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX. Alternative Certification Program for composite science teaching certificate.

1983 B.Sc., cum laude. Biology/chemistry. University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Select courses: microbiology, cell biology, ecology, animal behavior, biochemistry, analytical and organic chemistry, plant and animal physiology, statistics, experimental design and analysis, plant cryogenics, and much laboratory and field work.


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