Saturday Market
At the entrance to the Pueto Vallarta Botanical Garden
Orchid that looks like a couple dancing at the Pueto Vallarata Botanical Garden
Cacao (chocolate) at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden
Coffee at the Pueto Vallarta Botanical Garden
The Chapel at the PV Botanical Garden. Although it looks ancient, it is, in fact, only a few years old.
Path leading to the chapel at the Botanical Garden. Throughout Puerto Vallarta it is rare to find a sidewalk without inlaid stone designs.
A chuch at the Pueto Vallarta Botanical Garden
Toasting with a chocolate drink at the Botanical Garden.
La Chachalaca dusting at the Botanical Garden
Cows along the highway
Snorkeling to Los Arcos (The Arches)
Snorkeling to Los Arcos (The Arches)
The Malecon at night
Christmas tree on the Malecon.
Tequila tasting on rooftop
Brown Pelican in Rio Cuales
View of PV from a nearby beach.
Mariachi Band at Hotel Playa Los Arcos on New Year's Eve
Armed door
A church in Pueto Vallarta
Probably the most photographed art in Pueto Vallarta, on the Malecon.
Dolphin fountain on the Malecon
Street art
Sunset at the Pinnacle's Signature Lounge rooftop bar
Pinnacle rooftop bar happy hour
Norm, David, Simon at Garbo's
Qulture, at art gallery with a nice central bar
The bar at Qulture at Happy Hour
Andy at Qulture
Cuartas & Cuertas (Fun and Fireworks) on the Malecon. Loved their mushroom quesadillas.
La Chaca Laca. Very friendly bar.
La Chacha Laca at night
Paul, Stewart at La Chacha Laca
Jim, Carl at La Chacha Laca
La Hacienda Carlota. One of my favorite places to eat.
Great hand blown glass and other art.
The Swedes, another good place to eat
The Chocolate Museum.
The Sky Bar at sunset.
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2018 Trip to Puerto Vallarta
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