Preparing for Exams


Where and when should I study?

Determine what environment works best for you for studying. Most students work best seated at a desk with a minimum of distractions (noise, family, etc.). It is important to determine what works best for YOU.


Preparing for Specific Exams

Objective Tests. These are multiple choice, true/false and matching exams. When studying for these, it is important to:

Short Answer. Review notes and textbook:



Schedule time to review. If you have several planned exams (finals), use a weekly planner to block in different subjects -- along with eating, sleeping, exercising, socializing, etc. Don't neglect courses you dislike or spend too much time on your favorite courses.

Whether you study for one hour or five, take a five minute break (get up, stretch, get a glass of water, etc.) after twenty-five minutes of studying.

For vocabulary words:

Memory Aids (Mnemonics)

Memory aids (mnemonics) can sometimes help you to remember tricky information.