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Wieland Biology!
Week 18: Dec 11 - 15
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Unit Asignments 
(All assignments are due on test day; half-credit can be earned until the last Wednesday of the grading period)
3rd 6-weeks previous assignments
Essential Concepts
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(Periods 3, 6) In-class review.

1st semester
Science and Biology
History of Life
Chemistry and Cycles
2nd semester
Cell Structure
Cell Transport
Cell Cycle
Nucleic Acids
Protein Synthesis
Mendelian Genetics
Human Genetics

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Week 3
Week 4
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​Week 7
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Week 17
(Period 3) Final exam preparation.
(Periods 5, 6) Evolution TEST

Current Unit: Evolution
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Final preparation
Final preparation
(Period 3) Evolution TEST
(Period 5) In-class review

Evolution PowerPoint
Food chains and webs sheet (lion)
Critical thinking sheet 46.1
Biological levels (elephant)
Types of relationships
Graphing critical thinking
Ecology reading guide
Predator-prey graph and ws
Ecology vocabulary
Ecology review sheet

Nitrogen Cycle Drawing sheet
Phosphorus Cycle Drawing sheet
Water Cycle Drawing sheet
Carbon Cycle Drawing sheet
Environmental Problem Drawing sheet
Chemistry Summary Table
Macromolecules Chart
Holt Reading Guide
Chemistry Review

Evolution Reading Guide
Horse fossils
Homologous structures
Galapagos activity
Peppered Moth activity
Evolution Review
Final Exam
Final Review Sheet

Note: 5% will be added to the final exam score if completed review sheet is submitted on final exam day.  Also, students may use a "cheat sheet" on the final, an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper (OR their timeline) with anything written on both sides.  No typing and no copying.