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Wieland Biology!
Week 26: Feb 19 - 23
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(All assignments are due on test day; half-credit can be earned until the last Wednesday of the grading period)
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Essential Concepts
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​Holiday. No school
1st semester
Science and Biology
History of Life
Chemistry and Cycles
2nd semester
Cell Structure
Cell Transport
Cell Cycle
Nucleic Acids
Protein Synthesis
Mendelian Genetics
Human Genetics

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Current Unit: Nucleic Acids
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(Period 3) Nucleic Acid TEST
(Period 6) Introduction to protein synthesis.
(Period 3) In-class review.
(Periods 5, 6) Nucleic Acid TEST
Week 19
Week 20
Week 21
Week 22
​Week 23
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​Week 25

Nucleic Acid Smart Presentation as PDF
Nucleic Acid Vocabulary as PDF
(Periods 5, 6) In-class review.
Chemical Factory Design
Cell Features
Compare structures of cell types
Cell reading guide
Cell vocabulary
Cell structure review

Cell Transport
Lab: Osmosis in Potato Cells
Cell Transport Reading Guide
Cell Transport drawings
Cell Transport Vocabulary
Cell Transport Review
Cell Transport Web

Cell Cycle
Cell Cycle Table
Cell Cycle Diagram
Anatomy of a Dividing Cell
Cell Cycle Vocabulary
Cell Cycle Review
Cell cycle root tip analysis
Nucleic Acids
Extracting DNA lab sheet
DNA Word search
2D model worksheet
3D model lab sheet
DNA Replication of 3D model
DNA Replication sheet
Nucleic Acid vocabulary
Nucleic acid review sheet
Nucleic acid concept web