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Wieland Biology!
Week 38: May 21 - 25
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(All assignments are due on test day; half-credit can be earned until the last Wednesday of the grading period)
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​Final Review
1st semester
Science and Biology
History of Life
Chemistry and Cycles
2nd semester
Cell Structure
Cell Transport
Cell Cycle
Nucleic Acids
Protein Synthesis
Mendelian Genetics
Human Genetics

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Current Unit: Spring Final Exam
(There are no notes for this unit.)
No school !!!

(Period 6) Final Exam

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(Period 3) Final Exam

(Period 5) Final Exam
Final Exam
Final Review Sheet

Note: 5% will be added to the final exam score if completed review sheet is submitted on final exam day.  Also, students may use a "cheat sheet" on the final, an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper with anything written on both sides.  No typing and no copying.
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