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2017 Trip to Alaska
In the Frontier Parade with the university's float. University of Alaska was celebrating its 100th year.  I was class of '83.
Fireweed. Epilobium. In Denali Park. A harbinger of the end of summer. When the topmost flower blooms, summer is over.
Potetilla in Denali Park.
Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Moose in Denali Park.
Savage River in Denali Park. I have fond memories of camping there in the 80's.
Denali Park. You would see Mt. McKinley but for the clouds.
The road exiting Denali Park.
The snowshoe hare pens where I worked at the Institute of Arctic Biology. Hasn't changed much in 30+ years.
Inside the main part of the snowshoe hare pens. Has been vacant for many years.
The ladder leading up to my sleeping loft in the front part (5 x 13') of the snowshoe hare pen. Some of my belongings were still there.
A lake on the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, campus.
My long-time friend Cathy on a hike with me. We worked in the same lab building at the Institute of Arctic Biology. She married another good friend of mine, Greg.
The Museum of the North. An excellent museum on the campus of the University of Alaska. It was always impressive, but now it is housed in an amazing new building.
A stuffed grizzly bear in the Museum of the North.
The Big-I Pub and Lounge in downtown Fairbanks. Great place.
New friends. Big-I Pub. Fairbanks.
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Alaska 1979 - 1983, and a 1996 Visit
Alaska Railroad at Denali Park Entrance
Young Great Horned Owl
Brown Bear in Denali Park
Caribou Denali Park
Church in Sitka
Dock in Haines
Dog Sled in Denali Park
View from Ferry
Tiny Alpine Flower
Prostrate Alpine Willow
Equisetum (Hoursetails)
My Dorm's Snow Sculpture on the University of Alaska Campus
Snow Sculpture Honoring John Wayne on the University of Alaska Campus
Moose With Calf Snow Sculpture on the University of Alaska Campus
Jackie Canoeing
John and Peggy Bryant's Cabin
Juneau From Ferry
Mike Worswick and Mt McKinley in Denali Park
Mike Warswick Protecting us from a grizzly, or maybe it's a jay.
Nice Valley
My famous photo of a Snowshoe Hare at the Institute of Arctic Biology. Was on the cover of Science.
Snowshoe Hare Damage
Ptarmigan in Denali Park
Ralph Taylor in Sitka
Roommate Greg Buchanan on Ferry
Roommate Greg Buchanan
Savage River in Denali Park
Scenic View from Sitka Hike
River Valley
Totem in Sitka
My Tent and Bake At Savage River in Denali Park
Me with Alaska King Crabs on research Ship in Bering Sea
Me and my bike Fairbanks circa 1982
2017 Visit